An AI-powered personal assistant that supercharges a software developer's productivity

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Software developers waste hours of their day searching the internet for answers to bugs in their code and struggling to remember previous solutions to their earlier bugs. At, we're obsessed with eliminating these everyday problems to make programmers more productive and efficient. 

Our solution is an AI-powered personal assistant that's integrated into your editor. Our plug-in helps programmers to find the right code snippets ("bricks") that they're looking for and allows them to save bricks for easy access in the future. 

The CoCode data science community creates and shares bricks to help everyone out. Bricks can store snippets, utility scripts, todo lists, common queries, dashboards and more!



Search for the bricks that will help you to answer your programming questions and to build awesome projects. Want to refine your search? Add tags to your search to filter the results.


Explore the breadth and depth of the bricks in the CoCode Community. Discover your unknown unknowns in the data science workflow, create cool visualizations, find lesson bricks, and more!


Your library stores all your favorite community bricks. Star the bricks you use all the time for easy access. Also, all the bricks you create will show up in your own library.


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